Our Mission

The mission of the TWH Co-op Movement is firstly to create wealth for ordinary South Africans by transforming and empowering them to become more than consumers, but rather co-owners and investors in the South African economy.

Secondly, the TWH has been created to connect and organise ordinary hardworking South Africans to take advantage/leverage their collective buying power to ensure a more equitable distribution of SA’s wealth using the cooperative model. TWH exists purely to connect South Africans with each other for economic advantage.

The preamble to the SA Constitution starts with the word ‘WE’, and further says that ‘SA belongs to all who live in it’. The third reason for TWH’s existence is to improve the quality of life of all South Africans and to free the potential of South Africans through the services, networks, opportunities and the platforms it is creating over the next five years.

United cooperative movement

Creating national pride and doing everything in our ability to prosper the land and the people of the land.

Collaboration is key

Connecting ordinary hardworking South Africans in their communities and nationally for their collective and individual financial benefit.

Ongoing cost savings

Harnessing the collective buying power of consumers to redefine the SA economic landscape and shift the balance of power to consumers.

Equitable wealth creation

We believe in equitable wealth creation and distribution. Ownership of key economic activities must vest with the multitude and not the handful.

Thinking of others

Ushering in a new paradigm to reduce inequality, unemployment and poverty. Making the poor and unemployed part of our sustainable solution.

Leaving a legacy

Using our economic power to co-create and build new national ventures for the benefit of the next generation.