Our Services

1TWH is an online consumer platform to mobilize, aggregate and organize ordinary hardworking South Africans to use their ‘strength-in-numbers’ for greater collaboration, cost savings and ultimately to redefine the SA economic landscape for more equitable ownership. The cooperative model is the only model that has the power to change millions of lives in SA. The 1TWH Cooperative Movement has a target of 5 years to attain greater equitability as far as ownership and wealth creation/distribution for consumers are concerned. Below is an overview of the specific services that 1TWH will offer:

There is strength in numbers

1TWH is an online consumer platform to mobilize, aggregate and organize ordinary hardworking South Africans to use their ‘strength-in-numbers’ to achieve greater cost savings, collaboration and ultimately redefine the SA economic landscape for more equitable ownership of financial services, insurance, food retailing and fuel.

South Africa belongs to all who live in it

As much as 1TWH is an online platform to aggregate and organize South Africans, it is also a movement to create a dramatic shift in the consumer’s paradigm. The new paradigm calls for an awakening to our collective buying power and to use our ‘power in numbers’ for our gain. And create lasting wealth for ourselves and our children.

Shifting the balance of power to consumers

1TWH is a movement for South African consumers to form the greatest self organised ‘cell captive’ for e.g. medical aid, vehicle insurance and funeral cover. Instead of paying premiums to an insurer, and never getting them back, we can now also share in the underwriting profits. Imagine having an extra R10 000 in December?

Wealth creation

A medium to long term goal is organizing 1 000 000 ordinary hardworking South Africans to co-create new national companies that will be 100% owned by ordinary citizens. Especially financial services, insurance, retail and fuel companies. The benefit is that we will equitably share the profits, thereby creating lasting wealth for ourselves.

Equiping South Africans with knowledge

1TWH will issue its members a monthly and quarterly publication on true wealth creation. The content will be highly informative and packed with relevant strategies and opportunities for individual and collective wealth creation. The publication will also contain business opportunities for collaborative investments and profits.

Re-engineer the SA economy

1TWH wants to mobilise the ‘powerless many’ to start reflecting on their current expenses over a longer time horizon. E.g. a couple with two small kids recently projected their total food bill to be at least R500 000 over the next 10 years. This scary figure must anger consumers enough to jolt them into joining the 1TWH movement to seek alternatives…

Community upliftment

1TWH will provide registered paid-up members who want to collaborate in their local communities with an exclusive secure online portal to discuss ideas, host their financial co-operative, have the chairperson publish financial/growth dashboards and exchange information on a real-time basis with members.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

1TWH will keep a repository of members who are interested in starting new people-owned ventures on a national scale…e.g. insurance, banking, food processing and retail. TWH will investigate the feasibility and requirements for starting these ventures, gauge interest from members and facilitate the initiation of these ventures.

An overview of our services for you our members partners include...

) Mobilizing, Aggregating and Organizing people living in the same community/area to pool their monies to collaborate and profit financially from opportunities that exist in their communities. Popular ideas are pooling monies locally to form co-operative/community banks for the benefit of the members, or pooling monies to buy/own local fuel stations or even grocery stores in the community. The opportunities for money making if people come together in their communities are endless.

) Mobilizing, Aggregating and Organizing people locally, provincially and nationally to obtain real money-back from conventional medical aid, vehicle insurance, life insurance and funeral cover products. Consumers are spending a lot of money on these products and many consumers hardly claim. 1TWH brings South Africans together to form ‘cell captives’ for e.g. vehicle insurance. What many South Africans don’t know is that they can actually share in the insurance underwriting profits at the end of the year. Vehicle insurance is only one of several examples of how the ‘cell captive’ concept will benefit ordinary South Africans.

) Mobilizing, Aggregating and Organizing people locally, provincially and nationally to start thinking of products/services like banking, medical aid, vehicle insurance, life insurance, funeral cover, food, data/communication and fuel from a more long term perspective. South Africans must think of the immense lifelong burden that these products/services will have on their pockets. 1TWH wants to sign-up ordinary South Africans, investigate the feasibility of starting national people-owned insurance companies, retail banks and national retail ventures. Once the feasibility implications have been determined, TWH members will be approached en-masse to initiate these companies. The benefit is that annual profits will no longer be enjoyed by a handful of individuals only; but rather by thousands of ordinary South Africans like YOU.